Friday, February 18, 2011

Works Gallery, San Jose and Disjecta Gallery, Portland

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Works Gallery, San Jose and Disjecta Gallery, Portland: Ama Torrance, Peter Hiers, and Pam Dernham are going to submit proposals for Pac Rim to have exhibits at Works/San Jose Gallery and at Disjecta Gallery in Portland. Works Gallery has a great space and would give our group more exposure in the South Bay. Disjecta is a contemporary arts organization in Portland that provides studios, resources, and exhibition space for all disciplines of the arts community. It is one of the organizations that started Portland's Modern Zoo, which is a huge summertime festival that draws in galleries, open studios, performance events, everything.  Taking our work to new places is great for us as artists and is not a bad resume thing, either.  If you would like to be part of the discussion for these exhibits, please contact Ama ( amadavid @ comcast . net), Peter (peterhiers @  att . net), or Pam (Pdernham @ pac bell  .net).