Monday, June 20, 2005

News Flash! Blog-tech for PRSG site

Please view our new website

Web log, or blog, technology has come to PRSG, promising to simplify website maintenance for this organization of West Coast sculptors and their associates. The development crew anticipates separate sections for up-to-date announcements and core background articles (e.g., membership information, resource listings).


tlcheung said...

Great so glad to hear about this! I joined PRSG in January but for some reason am not getting any mailings/ info – maybe the web is the way. Thanks Tina

tlcheung said...

Sorry I have to alter that last post a bit. It is great that your moving forward on the technology front but having to create your own blog to respond to this one is a little annoying (ok very annoying, which is why I’m the only one hear I guess)
Maybe you could consider a yahoo or google group – if creating a forum for PRSG members to be able to connect a bit.

Bosco So said...

Tina, thanks for touching base. There is a Yahoo Group that we just started last month that you can join.

Send an email to this subscription address:

Or subscribe through the web.

We apologize for the blogger "dance" that you had to go through. As a result of your feedback, we will add links for readers to contact the webmaster as well as the administration.

-- Bosco So, volunteer PRSG webmaster

Susan Peterson said...

Sorry to hear your story. It is a first I've heard this happen in the 5 years I've been a member. Please contact our administrator at:
and she will straighten this out.